Complete Guide To Building A Farmhouse Rustic Table

I love a good DIY project on the weekend. Even better, one that my wife approves of. We recently bought a big area rug from Southwestern Rugs Depot for our kitchen because the floors get way too cold in the winter We’ve had the same old table in our house for a few years now and I think it’s time we upgrade it something that fits the decor. Follow along as I lay out the steps I’m following to build a DIY Rustic style farmhouse table that will fit any South West style decor. My budget is about $250.

1. Tools I’m Using

Tools I'm Using TO Build The Table

I have most of these already but grabbed some drill bits from Home Depot.

More tools

2. Materials:

Wood: We’re going to need a bunch of 2×4’s, 2×8’s, 2×10’s. (construction grade)
Wood Construction Grade

3. Measure and Cut:

It’s time to measure and cut the wood. Take your time, measure twice and just cut once. Safety first ladies and gents.

Cut The Wood

4. Arrange the table top:

Put the boards together on the floor. Make surface with a flat surface. Use the jib to hold all the top boards together. Drill all the holes and prepare for assembly.

Arrange the rustic table top.

5. Build The Frame

Table frame building

6. Connect it all together.

This is where things start to get exciting. The table is starting to come together. I won’t go into the specific cuts but essentially we’ve built out a frame, created more support beams and cross beams.

7. Start Sanding.

Simultaneously sand and smooth the table while taking a hammer a circle saw to mark up the table. You want it to look rustic so start making a bunch of marks in the table itself so it looks old then smooth them out so the marks don’t look fresh. We want to give it that country feel. This is an important step.

Start sanding the table.

8. Stain The Table

Starting to come together now. Stain the table with colour of your choice. Choose something that matches your decor. Also include a final layer of polyurethane using a super clean rag.

9. Enjoy the New Rustic Style Farmhouse Table:

Rustic Farm Table

I follow along this guide on youtube form Epic Pete. Watch for yourself an build out one of these table for yourself as well. Mine turned out great and I’ll take some picture with the new rub underneath as well in a future post. Happy Wife, Happy Life as they say. Cheers.

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