Towing and Tackling Terrain with My Truck

When I finally made the decision to move from the city to the country, it wasn’t too long after that I decided I needed a vehicle to match. So, I ditched my old Mazda Miata and got myself a Ford F-150! I know a lot of ya’ll are going to tell me I should have got a Chevy or a GMC, but I have a buddy that works at a Ford dealership that gave me a great deal, so let’s not get too hung up on the details. I just want to talk about why trucks are great!

Obviously, there are a lot of practical reasons to get a truck, especially when you live in a country environment. My favourite is that you can transport big things with your truck. I have some ATVs and a boat that I can haul anywhere I want. I will also occasionally tow a car in the case of an emergency if someone is stuck in my neighbourhood. My pal who runs Quick Towing Ancaster set me up with all the equipment, and my truck has a towing capacity of over 12,200 pounds. Here’s a cool video that shows its towing capabilities:

Along with towing, trucks are great in terms of practicality and safety because they can tackle pretty much any terrain, including off-roads, and roads with lots of snow – so you’re never going to get stuck the same way you do with a dinky little car. This makes it a safer vehicle as you are less likely to be stuck on the side of the road with a broken down vehicle. Also, because there’s more storage in the rear, it’s easier to keep roadside assistance kits and spare tires with your vehicle.

Of course, trucks also look awesome and are a great match for living in the country stylistically. After all, trucks are what all the country music stars drive, and they use them to tow too :)…


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