Buy Your Food from Farms

One of the big benefits of living in the country is that you have the ability to grow your own food on your land. But, even if you can’t or don’t want to grow your own food, you still have more viable options than going into town to the grocery store. You can likely barter a lot of what you need from neighboring lots… or barring that, check out your local farmer’s market. In my area, it’s the Ottawa’s Farmer’s Market.

Regardless, here are some of the top reasons you should buy your food from farms:

  • Tastes better – fresh food just tastes better, period. When you get food right from the source, you know where it’s coming from and it usually hasn’t travelled far, if at all. When you get food from a traditional grocery store, who knows how many different people it’s gone through and how far it’s traveled. In many cases it’s come from another country!
  • Helps Local Economy – building on the last point, you help local farmers and the local economy in general when you buy from farms. Wouldn’t you rather the money go back to your local community rather than some big corporation that is harvesting food all around the world?
  • Creates Community – Along with simply helping the community financially, buying from farms helps create connections and a sense of companionship that communities are supposed to have. Most farmers are good, hard-working people and it’s great to see them when you get food from them. Most people dread going to the grocery store, but buying food from farms is a pleasant experience!
  • Saves the Environment – The reality of the mass food producing that goes in our modern world is that it’s atrocious for the environment. There is all the extra fuel it takes for food to travel when it’s not being bought locally, as well as the chemicals that are needed to keep it from going bad.
  • Is Healthier – speaking of chemicals, it’s a known fact that it’s not good for you to be putting the pesticides (and lord know what else) in your body on a regular basis. When you buy your food from local farmers, you get it fresh without all the garbage big grocery chains use to keep food lasting much longer than it should!

It’s just better to buy your food from farms. Even if you live in the City, it’s worth travelling to the country to a farm. You can even takes limos in Ottawa where I’m from to the countryside to farm shop. So, stop going to the grocery and start buying your food from local farms and the world will be a better place :).

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