Towing and Tackling Terrain with My Truck

When I finally made the decision to move from the city to the country, it wasn’t too long after that I decided I needed a vehicle to match. So, I ditched my old Mazda Miata and got myself a Ford F-150! I know a lot of ya’ll are going to tell me I should have got a Chevy or a GMC, but I have a buddy that works at a Ford dealership that gave me a great deal, so let’s not get too hung up on the details. I just want to talk about why trucks are great!

Obviously, there are a lot of practical reasons to get a truck, especially when you live in a country environment. My favourite is that you can transport big things with your truck. I have some ATVs and a boat that I can haul anywhere I want. I will also occasionally tow a car in the case of an emergency if someone is stuck in my neighbourhood. My pal who runs Quick Towing Ancaster set me up with all the equipment, and my truck has a towing capacity of over 12,200 pounds. Here’s a cool video that shows its towing capabilities:

Along with towing, trucks are great in terms of practicality and safety because they can tackle pretty much any terrain, including off-roads, and roads with lots of snow – so you’re never going to get stuck the same way you do with a dinky little car. This makes it a safer vehicle as you are less likely to be stuck on the side of the road with a broken down vehicle. Also, because there’s more storage in the rear, it’s easier to keep roadside assistance kits and spare tires with your vehicle.

Of course, trucks also look awesome and are a great match for living in the country stylistically. After all, trucks are what all the country music stars drive, and they use them to tow too :)…


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Buy Your Food from Farms

One of the big benefits of living in the country is that you have the ability to grow your own food on your land. But, even if you can’t or don’t want to grow your own food, you still have more viable options than going into town to the grocery store. You can likely barter a lot of what you need from neighboring lots… or barring that, check out your local farmer’s market. In my area, it’s the Ottawa’s Farmer’s Market.

Regardless, here are some of the top reasons you should buy your food from farms:

  • Tastes better – fresh food just tastes better, period. When you get food right from the source, you know where it’s coming from and it usually hasn’t travelled far, if at all. When you get food from a traditional grocery store, who knows how many different people it’s gone through and how far it’s traveled. In many cases it’s come from another country!
  • Helps Local Economy – building on the last point, you help local farmers and the local economy in general when you buy from farms. Wouldn’t you rather the money go back to your local community rather than some big corporation that is harvesting food all around the world?
  • Creates Community – Along with simply helping the community financially, buying from farms helps create connections and a sense of companionship that communities are supposed to have. Most farmers are good, hard-working people and it’s great to see them when you get food from them. Most people dread going to the grocery store, but buying food from farms is a pleasant experience!
  • Saves the Environment – The reality of the mass food producing that goes in our modern world is that it’s atrocious for the environment. There is all the extra fuel it takes for food to travel when it’s not being bought locally, as well as the chemicals that are needed to keep it from going bad.
  • Is Healthier – speaking of chemicals, it’s a known fact that it’s not good for you to be putting the pesticides (and lord know what else) in your body on a regular basis. When you buy your food from local farmers, you get it fresh without all the garbage big grocery chains use to keep food lasting much longer than it should!

It’s just better to buy your food from farms. Even if you live in the City, it’s worth travelling to the country to a farm. You can even takes limos in Ottawa where I’m from to the countryside to farm shop. So, stop going to the grocery and start buying your food from local farms and the world will be a better place :).

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Complete Guide To Building A Farmhouse Rustic Table

I love a good DIY project on the weekend. Even better, one that my wife approves of. We recently bought a big area rug from Southwestern Rugs Depot for our kitchen because the floors get way too cold in the winter We’ve had the same old table in our house for a few years now and I think it’s time we upgrade it something that fits the decor. Follow along as I lay out the steps I’m following to build a DIY Rustic style farmhouse table that will fit any South West style decor. My budget is about $250.

1. Tools I’m Using

Tools I'm Using TO Build The Table

I have most of these already but grabbed some drill bits from Home Depot.

More tools

2. Materials:

Wood: We’re going to need a bunch of 2×4’s, 2×8’s, 2×10’s. (construction grade)
Wood Construction Grade

3. Measure and Cut:

It’s time to measure and cut the wood. Take your time, measure twice and just cut once. Safety first ladies and gents.

Cut The Wood

4. Arrange the table top:

Put the boards together on the floor. Make surface with a flat surface. Use the jib to hold all the top boards together. Drill all the holes and prepare for assembly.

Arrange the rustic table top.

5. Build The Frame

Table frame building

6. Connect it all together.

This is where things start to get exciting. The table is starting to come together. I won’t go into the specific cuts but essentially we’ve built out a frame, created more support beams and cross beams.

7. Start Sanding.

Simultaneously sand and smooth the table while taking a hammer a circle saw to mark up the table. You want it to look rustic so start making a bunch of marks in the table itself so it looks old then smooth them out so the marks don’t look fresh. We want to give it that country feel. This is an important step.

Start sanding the table.

8. Stain The Table

Starting to come together now. Stain the table with colour of your choice. Choose something that matches your decor. Also include a final layer of polyurethane using a super clean rag.

9. Enjoy the New Rustic Style Farmhouse Table:

Rustic Farm Table

I follow along this guide on youtube form Epic Pete. Watch for yourself an build out one of these table for yourself as well. Mine turned out great and I’ll take some picture with the new rub underneath as well in a future post. Happy Wife, Happy Life as they say. Cheers.

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How Beer Brings The World Together

Beers of the world and societyIt’s not a secret amongst my pals and I. Beer is something I absolutely love! It’s part of my life and pretty much everyone in my community. Nothing really beats having a draft beer delivered to your party. I was down on the other side of ontario and they are actually doing a beer delivery hamilton service for about a pretty low price. Several social customs and even tasks are really related to consuming draft beer, such as playing cards, darts, or various other video games. The usage of draft beer alone and even unwanted might be connected with individuals consuming away their difficulties, while consuming in excess with business could be connected with binge consuming. But you know what, I think it’s like anything where you can overdue it. Like food for example.

Beer is popular all over the world

Around the globe, draft beer is eaten. There are numerous breweries between Northern cold countries too. There is likewise breweries in African nations as well as various other remote nations such as Mongolia.

Glass wares offering

Obtaining a proper draft beer glass is taken into consideration preferable by some enthusiasts. There are some enthusiasts of draft beer that could occasionally consume from the container or can, while others might opt to put their draft beer right into a glass. Consuming from a container grabs scents by the nose, so if an enthusiast wants to understand the fragrance of a draft beer, the draft beer wases initially put right into a coffee cup, glass, or stein.

Just like wine, there is specialized designs of glasses for some kinds of draft beer, with some breweries generating glass wares planned for their very own designs of draft beer.

Temperature level

The problems for offering draft beer have a huge impact on an enthusiast’s encounters. A crucial variable when consuming is the temperature level – as chillier temperature levels will certainly begin to hinder the chemical detects of the tongue and even throat, which will certainly limit the taste account of draft beer, permit clear beers to launch their clarity.


The procedure of putting will certainly have an impact on the discussion of draft beer. The circulation price from the faucet, labeling of the glass, and also placement of the put right into the glass will certainly all influence the result, such as the dimension and even durability of the head and even the disturbance of bench as it starts to launch the carbonation.

The even more greatly carbonated draft beers such as German pilseners will certainly require clearing up time prior to they are offered, although a number of them are offered with the enhancement of the continuing to be yeast near the bottom to include added different colors as well as taste.

Draft beer score

The ranking of draft beer is a trend that integrates the pleasure of consuming draft beer with the leisure activity of gathering it. Those that consume draft beer often have the tendency to videotape their ratings and also discuss numerous web sites. Their so some more detailed info on the official beer store website.
All over the globe, draft beer is eaten. Obtaining an ideal draft beer glass is taken into consideration preferable by some enthusiasts. There are some enthusiasts of draft beer that might occasionally have out of the container or can, while others might select to put their draft beer right into a glass. Having from a container selects up fragrances by the nose, so if an enthusiast desires to understand the fragrance of a draft beer, the draft beer is very first put right into a coffee cup, glass, or stein.

This is a globally task, as individuals in the USA will certainly exchange containers of draft beer with those residing in New Zealand as well as Russia. The ratings could after that be tallied with each other to develop listings of one of the most prominent draft beers in each nation in addition to those throughout the globe.

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Why You Should Make Your Own Wine

rhubarb wine

Since I moved to the country, I’ve fallen in love with making things that I used to just buy in the store. One of these new loves is making wine – specifically rhubarb wine.

Not only is wine production a fun leisure activity, it’s inexpensive too. Several folks have a good time pastimes such as golf, stamp accumulating, reading, etc. The wonderful feature of wine production is you have something to reveal for your efforts. You can also bring a bottle of homemade wine to a dinner event, or give it as a remarkable present for holidays, weddings, and showers.

Making your own is affordable. Thanks to technology and innovation the same contemporary equipment is currently available to you as a wine manufacturer. You could buy prepackaged equipment kits that will supply you with the majority of the required things. These products can be bought at a wine/beer making supply store.

Why should any person make their own wine? Is it out of curiosity or the need to do something that you have always wanted to provide for a long time? A particular number of individuals have attempted to make their very own wine throughout the years. It truly does not take clinical brilliance to succeed and a variety of them have actually established the tools that they require for the procedure in places such as their basements and also their garage areas. Some individuals make as high as fifty to a hundred containers of wine in a single wine making procedure. Others have actually succeeded in making terrific wine while some have actually quit in aggravation due to unsuccessful initiatives. Nevertheless stated and done, a great deal of individuals appreciate brewing their own wine, the inquiry is: Will you be one of these people?

wine barrel

If wine production is something that you’re really doing , you initially need to do is learn about it and also just what it requires. You could quickly get the understanding that you need by browsing the web as well as trying to find websites which have something to do with wine making. There are a bunch of internet sites which explain the process and also which will certainly inform you what these relatively hard terms indicate. For example:
This knowledge will also be needed when you are aiming to make the necessary choices about which grapes that you ought to be aiming to use to make your wine. You may additionally uncover particular additional information which could be useful in the wine making process such as the use of fruits, honey and also natural herbs as flavoring elements.

When you have successfully made your decisions, then it will certainly be time to begin. You must make certain that you adhere carefully to the directions to make sure that you get yourself a good set of wine in the very first year. With a little emphasis, you will certainly have a great wine making encounter, which will make wine making an enjoyable leisure activity for you for a very long time ahead.

Give making your own wine a shot and I think you will fall in love with it just like me.

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Make Your Own Rhubarb Wine

I learned how to make rhubarb wine all from the internet! All from this video, check it out!

Of course, I got all my ingredients from local farms.

And if you want to know why I think you should make your own wine, read this!

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Choosing a family dog

I’m looking at getting a new dog and though this was good article. Check it out!
Before you bring home man’s best friend, do your homework to be sure you’re choosing the right one

I know several people who wanted a dog, visited an animal shelter, and had their heart strings tugged by a sad-eyed pup who ended up going home with them.  An impulse decision isn’t always a good one, especially if the dog ends up not being a good match for your family.  Choosing the right canine companion takes some forethought.

Bryan Bailey is an animal behaviorist and author. He says the first question you need to ask yourself is, why do I want a dog?

“Do I want it to be a companion? Do I want it to be a working dog? Will it be living in my house, will it not be living in my house? Do I have children? A lot of things need to be taken into consideration, but number one why do I want a dog, and then number two I always advise, try to match the dog to your lifestyle,” says Bailey. “If you’re an active person, active dog. Not so active, not so active dog.”

Bailey says every dog wants a job to do. Some breeds have more aptitude for specific tasks than others. For instance, you wouldn’t ask a poodle to herd the sheep, you’d choose a border collie or other breed where herding is in its blood.

Also be aware of temperament, especially if there are children around. Some breeds by nature tend to be either dominant or submissive. Bailey recommends a laid-back, submissive dog as a family pet.

“There’s a reason why children get bitten. They ignore the warning signs of these big dogs and they try to take toys out of the big dogs’ mouths, pull their ears, and hit them with their new light saber that they got at a Star Wars movie, and a lot these dogs repel,” says Bailey. “They go after them. They say back off, you’re not going to do that to me. So, we’ve got to have a dog that’s willing to take a little bit of Johnny’s abuse and not lash back out aggressively.”

Learn more:

A good way to start researching dog breeds is by perusing the American Kennel Club’s website

Take a quiz to see which dog breeds are a match for you

Listen here to the radio mp3

Source: Living the Country Life

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Why Country Music is So Great

Here are my thoughts on why country music is so great:

Some individuals do not listen to country music since they believe it is old man, heartbreak music. Modern artists have actually taken over the category and have actually assisted to offer it an enjoyable, younger spin. Artists like Big & Rich and Tim McGraw have actually launched a few of the greatest celebration tunes of the last couple of years and country bars and shows are known for their enjoyable, celebration environment.

Throughout the years, country music has actually established sort of a stigma as being foolish and rather cheesy for mainstream audiences. Over the previous couple of years, country has actually ended up being one of the most popular categories amongst music fans of all demographics and ages. There are lots of things that can be credited to the increase of this music and the growing appeal that it remains to take pleasure in.

Not everybody pays attention to country music routinely, however, it getting a lot more eyeballs with new shows like American’s Got Talent. This program has actually contributed in exposing individuals to country music who might not have actually paid attention to it in the past.

Among the important things that country music fans have actually constantly valued is that the tunes are a lot more relatable to their lives than other categories. Carrie Underwood has actually made her profession on tunes that reasonably portray the ups and downs of being a girl. Some rap and pop tunes are enjoyable however there is commonly absolutely nothing in them with which listeners can really relate.

Even if somebody does not listen to country music regularly, they can undoubtedly call a couple of nation tunes that they delight in. The category has actually moved into the mainstream over recent years and has amassed lots of brand-new, young fans. With popular acts such as Mrs. Swift crossing over to the mainstream, this will continue.

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Things to Think About When Buying a Home in the County

ottawa country home inspection

Today’s blog post is from a special guest! A good friend of mine, John Salmons, is a real estate agent and he sells many rural homes. Here’s what he has to say about what you should consider when buying a home in the country:

Recently I have actually been showing a lot of rural and mountain houses. When purchasing a house in the Ottawa Valley, there are a few things to consider.

Of all, an assessment on a brand-new building house versus a rural commercial property is really various. Not just will an older rural house perhaps have more examination problems, but the entire assessment will be more extreme. All of these additional actions to evaluation will enhance the buying expenses of a rural house.

The commercial property itself will require an extensive going through. An enhancement place certification might suffice in a city class, however, a study will more than likely have to be done on the commercial property to clarify exactly what you are purchasing. Those are substantially more costly and you will definitely wish to make certain of exactly what you are purchasing. Make sure you are using somebody you trust.

There likewise might be possible easements on a rural or mountain house for the energy business, driveway access, or mineral rights. Keep in mind, mineral and water rights do not instantly move to the purchaser, generally they are held independently and by somebody who long earlier offered the commercial property.

Once more, my function of this post is not to frighten anybody off of purchasing a rural house with some acreage. When making that purchase, what my objective is for you to be prepared for the added expenses and issues. All the best to anybody purchasing a house, with rates today, it’s a good time!


John Salmons

ottawa buck smith country

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Getting Ready for Winter in the Country


As they say in Games of Thrones …Winter’s coming! And just like the folks in the HBO show, it’s vital that those who live in the country are prepared for the harsh realities of winter. Here are some tips to help you prepare.

House Preparations – Obviously, the biggest challenge and most important thing to worry about is keeping your home warm when the frigid temperatures start to hit. Now (November) is a great time of year to inspect the key elements that keep your home warm including your furnace, insulation, and windows. Many companies provide these services if you don’t have the skillset to do it yourself. Its way better to be safe and make sure everything is fine than try and fix something on the fly in the middle of the freezing cold. In addition to these interior inspections, you should also make sure to disconnect all water hoses and sprinklers.

Car Preparations – If you’re a responsible vehicle-owner, than you already take your car in for regular check- and tune-ups, but regardless, right before winter hits is a vital time to schedule an appointment. Some key parts of your car that need to be checked in preparation for winter are the coolant system (antifreeze), battery, and oil – these can all cause major problems if they are not “winter ready”. Of course, if you do live in an area that gets a lot of snow, winter tires are always a wise choice as well!

People Preparations – This depends on the size of your family, but whether you have a dozen children or are just living with your partner, pre-winter is a good time to go through your closet and make sure you all the clothing you’re going to need until spring. This includes hats, boots, coats, scarves, long-underwear, and warm socks! I like to do my big shop of the year in the city right before winter. Also, it’s prudent to store up on a bunch of food that will last if you’re snowed in for a few days. You don’t want to have to make a dangerous trek into the city in a storm because your family is hungry.

Animal Preparations – If you have animals, than some of the same recommendation as people may apply. Obviously you’re not going to need clothing for them, but you want to make sure they are going to be warm by ensuring the area they sleep is protected from wind and has something like straw or blankets that they can snuggle with to keep warm. Also, the same loading up on food recommendation for people applies to animals – keep a few extra weeks of feed on hand for the worst case scenario.

Follow these tips and you should be pretty much good to go for the winter. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about zombies!


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